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With our own in-house smoker being hand fed 18” hickory logs every day and night...
we’re on a non-stop mission to raise the Bar-B-Q!

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BONE'S Starters

Smoked Jumbo Chicken Wings

Seasoned, house smoked, and then grilled. Get them bathed in our signature Bone’s BBQ Sauce or served naked. Comes with 1 dipping sauce and celery.
8 Wings 10.49 • 16 Wings 19.49

Basket of Rings

Grab the gang; crispy golden fried onion rings served with Ranch. 7.49

Fried Pickles

Zesty dill pickle chips fried golden brown. Served with bistro sauce. Lips meet Zip! 7.99


A big taste of the South all wrapped up the litle bites of golden fried deliciousness. Served with ranch dressing. 6.99

Mac & Cheese Bites

A generous helping of Mac & Cheese, deep fried golden brown and served with a ranch dressing. It's ooey gooey good! 6.99

Add an extra dipping sauce for 0.75 

BONE'S Homemade Desserts

BONE'S Bread Pudding

Scratch made bread pudding served warm. Mmmmm! 3.50
With Rum sauce. 4.25

Southern Peach Cobbler

Homemade and fresh baked just like grandma used to make. Satisfies any appetite! 3.25


A delicious cure for a bad day. 1.50

House-Baked Cookies

Our cookies are baked right in the restaurant. It’s a difference you can taste! $1.50 each, or get a baker’s dozen and become the hero at the office or at home! $16.25

Create Your Own BONE'S Favorite

All Favorite Combos come with two sides and a corn bread muffin.

Any Two Meats - 15.79
Any Three Meats - 18.49
One Favorite & 1/3 Rack of Ribs - 17.49


• Pulled Pork •
• 1⁄4 Smoked Chicken •
• Texas Style Brisket •
• House Made Smoked Sausage •
• Smoked Wings (4) •


• Potato Salad •
• Coleslaw •
• Natural Cut Fries •
• BBQ Baked Beans •
• Steamed Broccoli •
• Mac & Cheese •
• House Made Kettle Chips •

Premium Sides

• Onion Rings •
• Baked Sweet Potato •
• Sweet Potato Fries •

BONE'S Kids Menu

For kids 10 and under.
Includes one side choice and a drink.

Kids Grilled Cheese

Loved so much it gets fan mail. 4.99
Add Turkey or Ham for 1.00

Chicken Tenders


Kids Pulled Pork Sammy


Kids Rib Plate


Kids Grilled Hotdog


The Jayden Hamburger


Add a slice of cheese 0.80 

BONE'S Slow Smoked BBQ

All BBQ Items come with a choice of two sides and a corn bread muffin.

Loin Back Ribs

These baby backs are the superstars of the smoker. Seasoned, hand rubbed, and slow smoked with hickory wood for 4 plus hours. Brushed with a lite glaze of our signature Bone’s BBQ Sauce. Show these to your mouth!
1/3 Rack - 15.99
Half Rack - 20.99
Full Rack - 25.99

Pulled Pork

This pile of premium pork packs a punch. It’s seasoned, hand rubbed and slow smoked with hickory wood for 9 plus hours. POW! 12.99

Texas Style Beef Brisket

Catch this brisket while you can. It’s hand trimmed, seasoned and slow smoked over hickory wood for 12 plus hours. Get this fast moving favorite while supplies last. 14.69

BONE'S Chicken, Seafood 'N More

Bone's Fish N' Chips

A fish fry to inspire legends. Newcastle Brown beer battered, golden fried wild Alaskan Pollock fillets, natural cut kettle chips, coleslaw and tartar sause. 12.75

Bone's Smoked Chicken

This bird has a wild side. Premium whole chickens seasoned, hand rubbed and house smoked for 2 plus hours, then brushed with a lite glaze of our signature Bone’s BBQ Sauce and grilled.
1/4 Chicken - 10.99 • 1/2 Chicken - 14.99

BONE'S Salads 'N Soups

Grilled Chicken Salad

Our housed seasoned grilled chicken goes perfectly with fresh salad greens, diced tomatoes, cucumbers, peppered bacon, cheddar-jack cheese, and croutons. It’s a great way to add protein to all of those! 10.99

Chef Salad

Add more meat to your veggies. House smoked turkey, house cured smoked ham, peppered bacon, fresh salad greens, diced tomatoes, cucumbers, cheddar-jack cheese, and croutons. Served just the way our chef likes it! 10.99

Caesar Salad

We put together a mean Caesar with crisp romaine, Parmesan cheese, croutons, and Caesar dressing. Hail to the great Caesar! 7.99
Add our house seasoned grilled chicken 3.50

House Garden Salad

Enjoy fresh avors of salad greens, diced tomatoes, cucumbers, cheddar-jack cheese, and croutons. It’s all the garden without the gardening! 8.99

Side Salad

Garden or Caesar. 3.99

Soup & Salad

A classic hot & cold combo. Your choice of a cup of house made soup or chili with a side salad – Garden or Caesar. All together it’s just right! 7.99

House Made Soup or Chili

Cup 3.99
Bowl 4.99

Barbequed Pulled Pork Spud

House smoekd pulled pork, peppered bacon, cheddar-jack cheese, topped with our signature Bones BBQ Sauce, sour cream sauce, and onion tanglers. 9.99

BONE'S Burgers

All Burgers are fresh in-house ground beef chuck and come with lettuce, tomato, pickles, red onion and one side choice.

The Bare Burger

For those times when less is more. 1⁄2 lb burger, seasoned just right, and grilled to perfection. Served on a fresh baked toasted Kaiser roll. 9.99
Add Cheese for .80

BBQ Bacon Burger

This burger is a bona fide 1⁄2 lb burger. Cheddar cheese, peppered bacon, and our signature Bone’s BBQ Sauce. Served on a fresh baked toasted Kaiser roll. Bring it! 11.99

BONE'S Smokehouse Burger

A real BBQ Bad Boy. We start with a 1⁄2 lb burger, pepper jack cheese, peppered bacon, a pile of house smoked pulled pork, and top it off with our signature Bone’s BBQ Sauce and serve it up smoking hot on a fresh baked toasted Kaiser roll. Boom! 12.99

BONE'S Spicy Black Bean BBQ Burger

We take our house made Black Bean Burger, add roasted red peppers, pepper-jack cheese, top it off with our signature Bone’s BBQ Sauce and serve it up on a fresh baked toasted Kaiser roll. Beanilicious! 10.99

BONE'S Sandwiches

All Sandwiches come with one side choice.

Pulled Pork Sammy

This pork has real pull. Seasoned, house smoked and pulled. Piled high on a fresh baked Kaiser roll. 9.99
Add a scoop of coleslaw 1.00

Smoked Brisket Sandwich

Piled high with hand seasoned, slow smoked Texas Style Brisket. Served on a fresh baked Kaiser roll 10.79

The Cuban

This steamy grill pressed sandwich is revolutionary. House smoked pulled pork and ham, Swiss cheese, pickles, and house mustard. Served on a fresh baked hoagie roll. Simply Delicious! 10.99

Smokey Pepper Jack Turkey

We take our smoked turkey to the next level. House smoked turkey breast, peppered bacon, pepper-jack cheese, house made honey mustard served on fresh baked grilled sourdough bread. It’s a taste you won’t soon forget! 10.99

Smoked Sausage Sandwich

This Philly style sandwich is the father of flavor. House smoked sausage, red & green bell peppers, onions, pepper-jack cheese, Bone’s BBQ Sauce. Served on a fresh baked hoagie roll. Taste the love! 10.99

BONE'S Flying Saucer Style Pizza Burger

Bone's Original Flying Saucer Style sandwich. Fresh house ground beef chuck, onoins, jalapenos, pepper jack cheese and pizza sauce. Sealed between two slices of our house-baked sourdough bread.$10.99

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Add Ham, Turkey, or Bacon 2.00

Smokehouse Chicken Sandwich

Seasoned chicken breast with peppered bacon, pepper-jack cheese & Bones Original BBQ SAuce. Served on a fresh baked, toasted Kaiser roll. 10.99