Bone's BBQ

“Great brands have a great story.” This phrase has been passed down through the ages, and it certainly holds true for Bones BBQ. Born out of a 50-year-old legacy, our story is one of passion and a deep-rooted love for food.

Bones BBQ Smokehouse & Grill officially opened its doors in 2017, but the seed of the idea was planted decades before by an independent woman navigating life as a single mother to five children. She was the grandmother of the current owner, Jarid Lundeen. After a divorce seemingly upended her life in the late 60s, she rose from the ashes and started a restaurant with her sister. This establishment served as the starting point for her son, Jerome Lundeen.

Jerome, Jarid’s father, spent countless hours working in his mother’s restaurant. Between helping his mom with her venture and his time spent working at his father’s auto shop, Jerome honed his entrepreneurial spirit. Despite a series of setbacks that led to him being swindled out of his portion of his hard-earned spot in the family business, Jerome kept moving forward. In 1975, he opened Jerome’s Autobody. He went on to expand in the auto business and purchased Tires Plus. He continued to successfully grow these businesses and sold them to his sons when it was time to retire. 

After retiring in 2011 and officially passing the torch of his auto businesses to his sons, Jerome yearned for a new challenge. He wanted to rebel against the over-processed, pre-cooked food that dominates many restaurants today, and instead focus on fresh, homemade meals. He began experimenting with BBQ sauces in his basement kitchen. He spent years researching, traveling, and meeting with BBQ experts to perfect his flavor. Eventually, he was satisfied with the taste and created the original sauce that would become a cornerstone of Bones BBQ. 

Bones BBQ stands for this: Real BBQ with no processed or precooked food; the coldest beer in town; and a commitment to staying local. The restaurant was born out of a refusal to conform to the norms of today’s restaurant industry, and a belief that one of life’s greatest pleasures is enjoying fresh, well-prepared food.

After years of perfecting his food down to the fine details, like the sauce’s secret ingredient, Jerome decided he was ready to enjoy his retirement. Jarid always dreamed of working in the restaurant industry and convinced his wife to purchase it. He couldn’t bear to see his father’s labor of love fade away. Having cherished his time in the kitchen with his father creating their recipes and savoring fresh food, it was time for him to play a more significant role in sharing those delectable meals with others. Jarid is now the majority owner, with Jerome being a minority owner, keeping family tradition at the forefront of Bones BBQ!

Bones BBQ may have officially opened its doors seven years ago, but its story began 50 years ago, in a family’s kitchen. It’s a story of resilience, passion, and a deep-seated love for food. It’s a story we’re proud to tell and one we hope you’ll enjoy being a part of.

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